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The CW33

The 18 Best Vintage Shops That DFW Has to Offer

40 minutes south of Dallas (with no traffic) lies the town of Forreston. Bon Ton Vintage is well worth the drive. Great selection of eclectic apparel from the 1930s to the 1980s for men, women and children. P.S: The owner has a new store in Waxahachie, Le Petite Bon Ton. (continue reading)

Texas Monthly

Essential I-35 Pit Stops

From the highway, you'll hook east into the heart of this tiny town just south of Waxahachie, where you'll find Bon Ton Vintage, a veritable trove of clothing, keepsakes, and accouterments from decades past. Housed in a red-brick building that was once a Masonic Lodge, it's been a semi-hidden gem ever since it was opened, by jazz musicians Barbra and John Kauffman, in 1984. If it hasn't been on your radar, that’s because the costume directors, celebrity stylists, and professional treasure hunters who come to snap up the vintage lace Dior dresses and sixties' platform shoes and pristine estate-sale bijoux have always preferred to keep this secret spot to themselves. (continue reading)

Waxahachie Daily Light

Moving the magic: Bon Ton owner opens Downtown Waxahachie shop

Barbra is in the process of relocating her Bon Ton Vintage shop to Downtown Waxahachie. She has already begun the process of moving some items over from the Forreston store to her smaller, rented space inside Old Town Village Antiques & Uniques located at 307 S. Rogers... (continue reading)

D Magazine

Bon Ton Vintage: Everything You Never Knew You Needed

Dallas’ top stylists have known about this two-story warehouse of wonders for years. And now we’re letting you in on the secret... (continue reading)

Lynne's Lens

Everybody Loves Forreston, Don't They? YAY!!!

This vintage 1984 photo shows John Kauffman sitting in his and wife, Barbra's (she's in the background to the left) newly opened vintage shop in Forreston, Texas. Times were very lean for the couple, but they got this space on the second floor of an old mercantile building in the middle of nowhere for the paltry sum of $1 a month for the first year, so they decided to give it a go.... (continue reading)

Shop Across Texas

This gem (it's actually in Forreston, just outside of Waxahachie) is housed in an old Masonic Lodge. It took us a minute to see why people buzz about Bon Ton being a best kept secret. The first floor was filled... (continue reading)

Dallas Morning News

South of Dallas, rare finds at Bon Ton Vintage

Whenever I'm driving from Dallas to Austin on a weekend, there's always a little bonus to the trip: a stop at Bon Ton Vintage in Forreston, just south of Waxahachie. (19 July 2011, Clare Miers) (continue reading)


Time Capsule: A Documentary Experience

A Documentary project in Dallas, TX by Vince and Lola. Time Capsule is a feature documentary experience combining vintage imagery with eclectic stories of the past and unique interests of today. We follow five people/couples of the American generation born between 1925 to 1945... (continue reading)

360 West Magazine

Lifestyle: Worth The Drive, Bon Temps at Bon Ton

...the merchandise takes one back to a more glamorous time when ladies dressed for dinner, and jackets and ties were not optional... (continue reading)

Ann Street Studio

With Love, Bon Ton Vintage

Places like these I usually keep to myself like a dirty little secret... (continue reading)

Yahoo! Voices

Bon Ton: the Best Vintage Clothing Store in North Texas

...Located in the town of Forreston, right smack in the beautiful North Texas countryside, Bon Ton Vintage truly has to be seen to be believed... (continue reading)

Lucky Magazine

Best-Kept Secrets

Here, a favorite off-the-beaten-path boutique.
About 45 minutes south of Dallas in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it prairie town, Bon Ton (Hwy. 77, Forreston, 972-483-6222) offers the least-picked-over vintage selection we've ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on... (continue reading)

Dallas Observer

Dallas Observer Best Of - Best Trip Back in Time

his place is so great--better than just best--that we feel as though we're violating a sacred oath by telling people about it... (continue reading)

The Vintage Fashion Directory: The National Sourcebook of Vintage Fashion Retailers

Bon Ton Vintage

The owners of this shop bought up an old Masonic lodge and have filled it up with all sorts of goodies. The entire upstairs is devoted to vintage clothing for men, women and children. They have tons of vintage from the 1900s-1970s with lots of stock from the 1940s-1950s. Most items are in good to excellent condition with a few deadstock pieces here and there. A treasure trove... (2002 Daniela Turudich, Streamline Press) (continue reading)

Texas Monthly

he Best of Small-Town Texas - Shops

A short drive down U.S. 77 brought us to the one-block town of Forreston, a windswept spot on the prairie where - to our amazement - we found what may be the best vintage-clothing store in all of Texas... (continue reading)

Dallas Morning News

AFTER A FASHION Couple's quirky vintage clothing store draws shoppers nationwide to rural Ellis County

...Johnny and Barbara Kauffman's vintage clothing, music and knickknack store has thrived for more than a decade, thanks partly to their eccentric, laid-back attitudes but mostly to a top-notch stock of rare clothes that brings people from across the country to rural Ellis County... (28 October 1998, Aline McKenzie) (continue reading)

Dallas Morning News

A place for putting on eras

The town of Forreston never really had a heyday, but there's no question that its better days lie in the past. About all that's left is a rundown corrugated-steel gin mill and a few old buildings. That makes it a splendid site for Forreston Vintage Market, a vintage clothing-and-collectibles store... (24 August 1994, Teresa Gubbins) (continue reading)